Testing of the Olympic Information system, Info 2002

Info is a system that provides information to members of the media and other Games accredited people in an Intranet format during Olympic Games. Intranet, in much the same way as the Internet, is a system, which uses a unified procedure for communication and then distributes the information across an internal network. Information on Info 2002, which includes results, biographies, medals, records, facts and figures, news, weather, schedules, and transportation information, is provided in the official languages of the Olympic Games (French and English). Info 2002 will also provide e-mail capability through which data can be sent and received to or from other accredited users within the Intranet. Messages will also be sent to mobile communication devices. More than 700 Info terminals, also known as kiosks, will be installed across the Olympic venues. The Olympic family (i.e. journalists, broadcasters, coaches, athletes, IOC members, etc.) covering the Games will rely on Info 2002 as a unique source of information. Therefore, its accuracy and performance are mandatory and requires exhaustive testing.

Etudiant: Françoise Perroud

Année: 2000

Département: Comem+

Filière: Ingénierie des médias (anciennement Comem)

Type de formation: Plein temps

Partenaire externe: Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter - Games of 2002 (SLOC)

Enseignant responsable: Ryan William